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Learning Englisch is an Art-


My name is Shelley H. Gutknecht-Stöhr, but you can just call me Shelley. I was born and raised in N.Y., I'm, 36 years old, and have been living in Hamburg for 4 1/2 years now. And yes, I moved here for love.


What I brought to Hamburg is my love of teaching language through art and creativity. I founded Studio 42 - the creative studio of Art and English, in 2016. It happened like this:


From 2009 to 2012, I was a class teacher at the Otto Specht Waldorf School in Spring Valley, New York. Among other things, I taught German, History, and Art to my students, always using creativity as a means to deepen their understanding. For example, History classed included replicating clay figures of a particular time in history, drawing technical geometric forms, and painting related images. Artistry and creativity is intrinsic in the Waldorf curriculum, which I, myself, had the fortune of experiencing as a Waldorf student myself. 

In language class, instead of cramming vocabulary students learned the language intuitively which layed the groundwork for later success in language aquisition. When teaching through creativity language can be learned in a playful way. Hesitation and insecurity dicipates, and self-esteem is developed. This frees positive emotions and has been proven to have a great impact on our ability to learn.

They say about us New Yorkers, that we are always open for new things. That is what I am bring to you. With gratitude and excitement: "Welcome to Studio 42!"  


Milestones in my career:

English teacher, freie Waldorfschule in Stade                                                                                  2012 – 2016

Main Lesson and German teacher, Otto Specht Waldorf School, New York                                2009 – 2012

Art Therapist, Rudolph Steiner Fellowship Community, New York                                               2008 – 2009

Masters degree in Psychologie & Kunsttherapie, Scool of Visual Arts, New York                        2006 – 2008

Executive Administrator, Harlington Realty, New York                                                                   2003 – 2006

Bachelors degree in German Language & Lit, Hunter College, New York                                    1999 – 2003


Shelley Gutknecht